The Breath of Face by Oxygeneo Machine

Fall is time for you to obtain a facial treatment To pamper his epidermis that reacts (also!) To alterations in temperature and also to prepare him to manage the cold temperature through the elimination of dead skin cells.

And since I additionally needed a breath of outdoors to revive just a little radiance to my epidermis, I happily recognized the invitation to choose the Oxygeneo machine for facial treatment. For now, Oxygeneo machine for sale can be a trend for beauty industry.

Oxygeneo Facial Treatment

Actually, I already understood the Oxygeneo facial which is considered the most searched for after recently (it might be Madonna’s favorite before each concert, it’s stated!) And i also had already experienced a bit more Annually, to a different center of appearance. Which I had loved the very first time.

Therefore it was with enthusiasm which i given myself again towards the experiment, this time around using the biological cosmeceuticals from the Swiss brand Luzern. An ideal brand in my sensitive and reactive skin since its ingredients are generally soft and active.

Underneath the expert hands from the esthetician Gilberte, the concern is enjoyable, even calming. Following a deep cleansing and scrub (in a number of steps), the specialist projects a couple of millimeters on the skin a jet of pressurized Oxygeneo that has added a serum full of antioxidants and vitamins. The skin thus Oxygeneo super facial gets to be more radiant, the complexion more regular. As well as in one session.

An advantage: the concern is zero discomfort and also the Oxygeneo facial is well targeted.

The actual a couple of minutes following the treatment, without filter, nor makeup. Your skin isn’t too red and also the complexion has obtained radiance.

Greater than 48 hrs following the treatment, my skin is softer and also the complexion more regular. I mix my fingers to really make it serve you for a lengthy time (for your, I can offer a lift utilizing the same products in your own home!).

To whom: all kinds of skin, but especially sensitive skin which have redness (present!), Acne or rosacea. Note however required several sessions to handle a specific problem.